Harry Shum Jr

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Harry Shum Jr  is a dancer and actor of America. He worked in "Stomp the Yard", "You Got Served", "Step Up 2", and "The Streets and Step Up 3D". Other than his good work and good sense of humour he is also famous as "gay". But due to his great sense of humour he became part of a musical comedy show that given Harry Shum Jr chance to boost up his talent.

Harry Shum Jr Haircut remained very popular in Harry Shum Jr 2011 search quires. He used to have long hairs as well as short hairstyles and haircut. In my opinion the short haircut go perfectly with his personality. I am also waiting that Harry Shum Jr 2012 haircut would be in which style as i use to have haircut like him most of the time. Lets have a look on Harry Shum Jr.


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hip hop group "Black Eyed Peas" star Fergie is a singer, song writer, fashion designer, actress and rapper from America. Other than the industrial work she is also famous for her social works. Fergie travels around the world to get charity for the social works. We also saw that Fergie 2011 year was very prominent in the area and news of her Charity work and for the Help to Deserving people. As we know that Fergie wants to set up own charity to help cancer survivors. She is a committed philanthropist and was honoured for her humanitarian work at an AIDS Charity event in Paris in June 2011 and their she also disclosed her wish that was, "I'd love to start up my own charity. Both my parents are survivors of cancer. My dad was seriously ill and is lucky to be alive today" .So we will definalty admire her this Charity step for the cancer Survivors.

Fergie is worth style being a fashion designer so we can see different dresses of her in her songs, shows and performances  Fergie Hairstyles is one of her thing which dont attract me very much and i will must say that Fergie 2011 Hairstyles were not good and i do hope that her 2012 Hairstyles will be more better then then previous year atleast.

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is an Australin model, actress and also a uniqe business women. She is mostly famous for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. She is also a founder of Elle Macpherson comapny that introduce wide range of skin products. So Elle Macpherson is also famous for her own beauty products line. She also worked as producer of  "Britain's Next Top Model". She use to be an ever top rated model in Australia and this is just due to her unique and versatile personality and work.

While talking about the Elle Macpherson Style we will not discuss her styles of outfits or Elle Macpherson Hairstyles. But today we will talk about her inner style of life as we have found her a very People Loving and People Caring person. The example of her this Style is also infront of us as she use to do Humanitarian works in her routine life with her activities to entertainment world. As we are talking about her Love with human beings and Human Help work so we would like to share that in the last year Supermodel Elle Macpherson donated a jacket to the "Donate A Coat" campaign, which will ensure that the donated items are sold in charity stores to raise money for Age UK. So these kind of Donations from her side tells us that she is caring about the human on this earth and she love to Help Other by things like donations and charity, as Elle Macpherson 2011 year was very helping, caring, supportive, charitable and donation-full for the others. So we are expecting this thing as well that Elle Macpherson 2012 year would also be in the same way with her entertaining things. We love you Elle Macpherson.
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