The Most Dearest hands in The World

Friday, 19 August 2011

Hey everyone! Whose hands The Most Dearest hands in The World? Of course this is mother's hands :)

My mom has always been for me an ideal of beautiful hands and nails. Ever since I can remember she has always had excellent long and healthy nails with rounded shape and polished in pink pearl nail polish :) My mom exactly got me into growing nails at 5th grade. Because I was always biting my nails at the very root and I could not help myself. But the desire to have long and beautiful nails finally won! And after that I faced with another problem my nails were fragile and peeled off. So my mom told me to apply iodine dialy on my nails. And after some time my nails are healthy grow :D

When I speak of my mom I miss her even more. For a last few months I stayed at my home place and I had a great chance to make some nail designs for my dearest hands in the world!


1. Apply a base coat at fIrst. After that apply 2 coats of silver holo nail polish.

2. With a tiny piece of a sponge apply diagonally white creame polish on nail tips.

3. Draw some black stipes with a nail art polish only on white sponged area.

4. Make some white dots on the white edge and seal everything with top coat.



1. Apply base coat if you are, because my mom do not wearing base coat polish for her toes and I am. 

2. Apply 2 coats of matte white nail polish and wait 'till completely dry.

3. Draw a zebra print with a black nail art polish and seal evrything with matte top coat.


Here is another mani I've did for my mom. I call it MODERN FRENCH. 


1. Apply whitening base coat polish.

2. Take a sponge and apply creame white nail polish on nail tips and wait 'till completely dry.

3. After that apply clear glittery polish (1-2 layers it's up to U) on top of everything.

4. Draw some white and glittery blue stripes and finish with a shimmery top coat. 


Thats all for now. I am very sorry that I have not had a chance to do a lot of other designs for The Most Dearest hands in The World .

Thanx for looking and have a great Sunday everyone!


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